Smarter Symptom Tracker

Record, Track and analyze your progress. Now there’s a better way to stay connected with your treating doctor, score your progress, message doctor’s office request prescription refill and keep diary during the treatment. You’re not alone, you’re connected 24/7!



Smart Symptom Tracker Apple Store Link
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Smart Symptom Tracker

Diary/ Journal:
-Record Symptoms intensity
-Record your own notes, your doctor will review.
-Record any new symptom and reaction to treatment.
-Record any new prescription and instructions
-Record any referral source suggested by your doctor.

-Discover new ways of knowing how effective your treatment is, Doctors will be able to use more effective ways to treat you based on your symptoms progress.

How To Use:
-Simply download the App, get your activation Code by participating Medical Provider, plug in your symptoms then start your daily tracking.
-Over time, the more you track during your treatment, the more the analysis has to work with to provide insights.

Smarter Symptoms Tracker is used by Sufferer of:

-Facial pain
-Jaw joint pain
-Neck & shoulder pain
-Back pain
-Headaches (Migraines, Tension, Cluster..)
-Jaw clicking/ popping

-Sleep Disorders
-Stop breathing/ Chocking
-Tossing and turning
-Restless Leg Syndrome
-Unrefreshed in the morning
-Drowsiness and more.

Smart Symptom Tracker Apple Store Link
Smart Symptom Tracker Google Play Link


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