Airway driven dentofacial orthodontics for children as well as adults treats the underlying cause of malocclusion (bad bite). The presence of a bad bite is heavily influenced by the existence of a problem in the airway. We practice airway driven orthodontics and know that the jaw can be encouraged to grow and be corrected with orthopedic appliances and braces that move the jaw, open the nasal and skeletal symmetry, and improve or correct skeletal abnormalities. Orthodontic treatment is much more involved than just achieving straight teeth. Complex therapies can go as far as changing oral geometry – the shape of your mouth. The benefits of such extensive correction can go far beyond a nice smile. In certain cases, the health of your entire head, neck, and upper shoulder area may be changed for the better. Because of the effect of oral shape and alignment on the TMJ, proper orthodontic care can influence the following:

  • Migraines
  • Other headaches
  • General craniofacial pain
  • Upper-shoulder discomfort
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep apnea
  • Hearing problems

TMJ and Orthodontics

Some people can relapse from prior orthodontics which is known as Complex Orthodontics. Complex Orthodontics is a comprehensive treatment for pain management and correcting issues with the temporomandibular joint. In some cases, orthodontic correction of underlying problems with the TMJ can be essential to alleviating or ending other medical complaints.

Complex & Functional Orthodontics, Phase II TM Treatment:

What’s Functional Orthodontics?
It is reshaping and repositioning the upper jaw and lower jaw to a more harmonious position and better airways as well as straightening the teeth for growing patients (children) and none growing adults.

For Growing Children: (SDB-Sleep Disorder Breathing)

Identifying of any SDB- mouth breathing at early age is a key for a better airway development, then managing the Growth & Development of upper and lower Jaw orthopedically as early as 2 years of age to correct the problem is much better & easier than managing the symptoms later in life after growth is completed.

Improve nasal breathing by evaluating any presence of enlarged tonsils & adenoids first then orthopedically expanding the upper jaw and/or re-posturing the lower jaw into optimum position where airways are maximized should be the treatment of choice here.

Orthodontics Before Case 1
Orthodontics After Case 1
Orthodontics Before Case 2
Orthodontics After Case 2
Orthodontics Before Case 3
Orthodontics After Case 3

For Adults: Phase II TM Treatment:

After successfully finishing Phase I TM treatment, stabilizing the jaw joint and re posturing the lower jaw in a better position, for long term stabilization, Phase II TM treatment is needed in some cases to move the teeth orthodontically into a better position that provides less stress load on the jaw joint and maintain joint space decompressed (disc capturing).

Orthodontics Before Case 4
Orthodontics After Case 4

Orthodontics Before Case 5

Orthodontics After Case 5
Orthodontics Before Case 6
Orthodontics After Case 6

Orthodontics Before Case 7

Orthodontics After Case 7


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