Trusted San Francisco dentist offers migraine treatment services

Migraine Treatment Services at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in San Francisco Area

Pounding across your forehead… tension along the back of your skull and into your neck… pressure in your sinuses… or an intense throbbing sensation that shoots through your head… Sometimes this pain is joined by sensitivity to light and sounds, dizziness, nausea, and auras such as seeing lights flash before your eyes. Headaches – especially migraine headaches – are painful and can cause you to lose precious moments or days with your family, your friends, at your job, or doing the things you love. When migraines begin to occur frequently, patients want to know where they can go for help. … Continue reading

Simple tips for avoiding craniofacial pain and headaches in San Francisco, CA

Craniofacial Pain Solutions in San Francisco area

When you experience pain or discomfort of the head and face, this is called craniofacial pain. This pain tends to be more difficult to endure than other pains in our body and can be downright debilitating. This pain can, in some instances, even cause dangerous equilibrium issues causing you to have impaired balance. Craniofacial pain will often present itself in the form of a headache. Dr. Jamil Alkhoury and his team at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of San Francisco have been diagnosing and providing solutions to patients experiencing craniofacial pain in the San Francisco, CA are for years with … Continue reading

What you can do to help minimize the impact of headaches and migraines near San Bruno

Headaches and Migraine Care Near San Bruno area

A standard headache may cause you some discomfort, but a migraine can have your head feeling as if it’s about to explode. No matter how strong you may be, sometimes you just cannot power through them and, even with the aid of medication, you may have to put an end to your day and what you are doing until the migraine goes away. Those who don’t experience migraines may not understand that they can last for days or that, due to the severe nature of a migraines, that they can present a real danger if one occurs while you are … Continue reading

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