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Cheryl & Mary Jo Testimonial

Two patients cross paths in Dr. Alkhoury’s office. They have surprisingly similar tales of debilitating facial pain and endless medical appointments. Both ladies found relief with effective treatment at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of San Francisco.

Yeah, this is Sherry and Mary Jo and they both have in common the same disorder, TMJ and pain, craniofacial pain. You know, so coincident they both showed up, they don’t know each other, but they showed up at the same time for just a recall visit. Actually, MJ today is to getting her braces off. She already did. That’s end of her treatment, and Sherry had her treatment done about a year ago finished, yes, and Sherry was here just follow up and then MJ, today’s visit was for deep deep bracketing, removing the brackets after her treatment. So, and it’s just an amazing coincidence. So, let’s just see what they got to say to each other. Have you ever met her? No, never met except for this morning and as I came in, Doctor introduced us and said we had the same experience. I went a year and a half to two years with facial pain. Went to five doctor’s dentist and end up at UC San Francisco and I was told I had facial migraines. Oh my gosh, Yes, pretty similar. Yes, and then I saw my actually my husband saw his his talking about jaw pain and said you’re going to him and it’s been the best thing, Best thing.In five minutes, he put a, that orthotic thing, orthotic on me and the pain subsided. So, I saw, knew immediately, yes. That my jaw was out of whack.So, I had seven years of debilitating pains. I had three little kids when this started. I’ve lived in Michigan. I went to the best pain clinic for head pain in the world called MH and I in Ann Arbour. I had a neurologist who said only 1 percent she’s only seen 1 percent of people with this kind of pain. So, I had to go to a two week stay at this special hospital. In Ann Arbour or, or, Chelsea, Michigan, that was in Chelsea, Michigan inpatient for two weeks straight. They figured they tried to figure out what was going on with me, why I had this debilitating pain. I actually wanted not didn’t want to, I didn’t have a plan to, kill myself, but I did not, want to live anymore.And I have to say we we both. And that. Agreed on that this morning. That was crazy, yeah.That the pain was so horrible. I was getting facial injections for the pain. I had I had no I. Had nerve blocks yeah, I had Botox. I was on methergine which is used for people who can’t Sabra Bleeding like when they have a baby. I was on methergine and the only person when I moved to, to, California, that could manage all the medications was the top guy at Stanford for head pain and even he didn’t know what was going on with me. You were in worse shape than I and I was in really bad shape.So, to get to the point where you say if I have to live like this, I don’t. I don’t want to live anymore and I had five doctors come in and and say you need to be hospitalized. Now, we need to figure out what’s going on here and you need a break. You know a mental break. So, we were fortunate we found the man to take care of this case.He changed my life.Yes, exactly, changed my life. Thank you. How long was your treatment for? Mine here was three years, so when I started, I doctor ALKHOURY put me into an orthotic and he said he could fix my headaches, but the TMJ was so secondary but I didn’t really believe it that I didn’t believe him. So, scepticism, like everybody goes through scepticism. Yes, because I had been through seven years of people saying I can do this.Oh,like so many, how many doctors would you say? How many doctors would you say you’re from? My gosh, I, I, saw one guy who said I had hemicrania Continua, which is a very rare headache. Half your head. That was at the mind clinic in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I mean so many different doctors, probably 5 neurologists, until I ended up in the Ann Arbour and I was on five different medicines four times a day for years. I mean so this saved my life I I. Truly fully agree, I agree. And my husband says the same thing, yeah. And yeah, no. I once I started not having any pain I went back to my neurologist and slowly went off of all my meds and after a year I was like okay like this is the guy you know what he means? Like because it’s been so long for me. Yeah, and then he’s like okay. If we want to do this permanently, let’s do. The braces and I’m like whatever you need to do. So, I trust him, you know. So awesome, so we moved your jaw find the right position, where it’s more optimal for you cranium. Then, once we confirm that this is the position consistently almost painless after a year we realize that this is, this is good to go and then now we can move the teeth in that direction and make Vestalisation more of a long term, not just dependent on the orthotic, Right, and that was about total to three years of treatment. Yeah, from the yeah three-year treatment and how about you, Sherry? I did the same thing. I had the orthotics, first. We thought that would work, and we went into the braces after that.So that was a total of three years,three years, best three years of my life. I know so so when did you take your braces off? Oh, a year ago. A year ago. And how long has it been so? It’s been a year, so how has it been since then in terms of pain? It’s been wonderful. So it’s been, No pain, no pain. Stable, yes, absolutely. So it’s been stable. Consistently, no pain, and you know. You know you look really. Great, both of you look wonderful. I drive 4 hours to get here.In. Are you kidding me?Four hours. I drive an hour thought that was a lot. I my, my, like I said my husband said no one else is ever going to touch your teeth again so. Oh my God. Doctor Alkhoury is the guy.He is, I would have flown here from. Michigan to see him, Yeah for sure. Oh, right. Thank you so much. I really really appreciate it, you deserve it. Thank you, thank you, thank you yeah. It absolutely, thank you. So do you you recommend TMJ sleep therapy centre in San Francisco.
Oh yeah, yeah, highly yes. Thank you.

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