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Dr. Alkhoury is the TMJ specialist other dentists get treatment from!

Dr. Gregory is a San Francisco dentist. For years, he woke up with a bad headache every few weeks. His doctor told him nothing could be done. While researching TMJ specialists for his patients, he found Dr. Alkhoury. He was evaluated to better understand what his patients would experience and was diagnosed. Now, his headaches are gone.

Hi I’m doctor James Gregory. I practice in San Francisco. I have been experiencing, Waking up with headaches once every two weeks. For the past four years. I would take Advil and it would go away and I didn’t think much of it. I asked my primary care physician about it and He said there was really not much that needed to be done. Just continue doing what I’m Doing. So,when I finally was thinking about TMJ evaluations for my patients, I came across Doctor AL Khoury and he said that I should have an evaluation and being a Guinea pig, I thought that would be a good idea just to see what my patients might go through. So, doctor AL Khoury evaluated me and found that there were some issues with my TMJ and we started on treatment and I’m happy to say that my headaches after about two, two, months have gone away and I haven’t experienced one in over two months. I’m quite satisfied and I feel great.

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