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Sleep apnea often is undiagnosed and can be dangerous.

Laura came to us due to chronic jaw pain. She thought they were normal from a jaw surgery done in her teens. They weren’t. Dr. Alkhoury suspected obstructive sleep apnea. After a sleep study was performed, apnea was diagnosed. We fitted her with an oral appliance. Laura’s symptoms are all resolved now.

Hi my name is Laura and I discovered Doctor Alkuary quite by accident. I was having pain in my jaw I then explained to him about my jaw surgery that I had in my teens, actually late teens 30 some odd years ago, and I had just been living with it. Started asking me questions and he’d say things like, well, that’s not normal. It was normal to me. I had jaw surgery. I was just thinking that this was a side effect, if you would of the jaw surgery and he’d ask more questions. And that’s not normal and do you wake up with headaches? Sometimes this that’s not normal, doesn’t it, Person get a headache every now and again. He’s no that’s not normal. So, then I agreed to the TMJ therapy. He suspected that I had TMJ. So, I agreed to the therapy and we had some scans, run some X rays, run, and I saw a scan where he pointed out to me that there might be some blockage in my airway. Which really surprised me and with that he suspected that I might have sleep Apnea. That absolutely blew my mind. As you can see, I’m a little chunky, but I’m not. The typical obese T Apnea person. So, then I contacted my doctor to get a sleep study. She asked me a series of questions and said no, you don’t have sleep Apnea. Okay, I go back to Doctor Alkuary. Let him know this information and he really stressed that he wanted me to have sleep study. So, I went and I had the sleep study paid out of pocket for it. Guess what, I have sleep Apnea, not just mild, but moderate to severe sleep Apnea. I didn’t want to use the CPAP machine. So, he arranged for me to have a orthotic, and oral appliance for my Apnea. And I’ve been using that and as of a couple of nights ago. I have slept 10 nights in a row without waking up, using this appliance.

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