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TMJ requires expert care. Dr. Alkhoury provides exemplary care for your TMJ issues.

Mayrose came to us after experiencing the most intense pain of her life one day while at work in her jaw. We were able to get her in the same day. Dr. Alkhoury made the diagnosis, recommended treatment and began treatment that day. She now feels better than she ever did before.

So I was sitting at my desk eating an apple and I felt an intense pain in my jaw and one of the admin’s sitting next to me. We started searching on the Internet and found the office information and called and I was able to get an appointment that afternoon. At That day I just felt the most intense pain. I wasn’t able to move my jaw. I came in and Doctor and his staff quickly got me in and assess the problem, made a recommendation and also treated me that day and amazingly my jaw was, was, able to move a bit that night. I was back for subsequent appointments and they recommended that I, beyond a treatment plan, I was giving this orthotics which I’ve been on for about five months and with his help in his guidance and his friendly staff, I was able to sort of follow the plan that was in place and today I feel wonderful. I actually feel better than I did before the the problem started and I’m very grateful to have come across this office and I recommend that that people do call because I know it’s a common issue. That people aren’t aware of for me, I’ve been through multiple dentists and was given orthotics to treat grinding of the teeth, but it wasn’t until that I came to this office and I realized that there’s more to it than just wearing an orthotic that you buy out of a drug store or something the dentist will sell to you for 300 Dollars. It’s a deeper issue than that that requires you know, actually diet change as well as an expert. Someone that knows exactly what TMJ is. It’s not something that’s packaged and can be given it a dentist, so I, you know, I highly recommend this office and I recommend the treatment that day of it’s it’s worth it, but specifically this office because of the staff and the doctor that’s here.

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