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Claudia came to Dr. Alkhoury for severe migraines. Her jaw hurt and popped. She suffered from a lack of energy upon waking up. Her daily life was limited due to the pain. A year after treatment and she hasn’t had a migraine, her jaw pain is gone and her sleep has improved. She enjoys life again.

Hi, my name is Claudia. I’m a current patient of Doctor Alkoury and let me tell you there for several years I have severe migraines. In top of that, I have problems with my mouth, means that I couldn’t open, when I was chewing something my mouth hurts. My job was clocked popping and when after I wake up my neck hurt. So, it was terrible. I couldn’t do anything more with my family because it was terrible because every day I have pain and after I made that call to Doctor Alkoury, he told me he can help me and he start his treatment and he do everything and let me tell you that I’m so happy now because nothing hurts anymore.It’s almost a year and I have severe migraines, severe  pain in my mouth, severe pain in my neck. I sleep through the night I wake up with more energy. I do most more stuff with my daughters. My husband I come to work. Every day, happy with energy and given 100 percent only, I can tell you Doctor Alkoury they I’m so happy to find you that you helped me a lot. Thank you so much. Doctor Alkoury.

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