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Dr. Alkhoury treats the source of the pain instead of the symptoms!

Some patients come to us after a long and fruitless search for treatment with other medical health professionals. One patient went through countless medical professionals, and none looked at her jaw. Then her jaw stopped working. She finally found Dr. Alkhoury. Now her jaw is aligned, her shoulder, jaw, neck and arm pain is gone!

I had a problem with my jaw since I was probably like 17 years old and I really never had anything done with it, because everybody just said there was just nothing you could do my jaw clicked and cracked and, and, every time I ate. Both sides would do it and the longer I went, of course years went. By and it just got worse and worse and I was looking for a TMJ specialist and I kept asking my doctor for a TMJ specialist and she sent me to come, she sent me to orthopedic Doctor and he sent me a,a,Girl that was in with regular exercising and all that stuff. That’s what she did and she came in and looked at me and felt my mouth and everything and she told me, she said, I hope you get good rubdowns and that I’ll send you to physical therapy. Well, in physical therapy they didn’t know anything about TMJ. She thought I was going to physical therapy for my arms and I wanted my jaw to be looked at the whole time. It was just like for my body and nothing else nothing about my jaw. So, about February, I think it was February of this year, after all these years of searching. My jaw fell apart and I couldn’t eat it all and my husband freaked out and he started looking through pages and pages and pages and then he got online and he started looking everywhere and he came upon doctor Alkoury. He saw that there was a big list of people. He started reading them and He looked up at me. He goes, this is it. This is it. This is the place and I said, do you sure, and he goes, yeah and I said, well, I’m scared to go to anybody now. So, he talked me into coming here and I’m so grateful that I did because if I didn’t, my jaw wouldn’t be re-hooked where it is and three hooked. I can tell that it is. I mean, I still hurt a little bit, but you know this is my first time without my, my,appliance in my mouth and I just know that I feel better I feel straighter. As soon as he. The jaw went into place where it was my arms felt better my neck felt better and my shoulders which always. Hurt always and I had a big lump on my arm right here and from straighten me out it’s gone. So, I’m just so grateful. For everything that he’s done for me and I will keep coming here and everybody else should come here too, especially if you have TMJ, you have to come here because you won’t. Get it fixed anywhere else you can get it fixed. So that my testimony, and I hope that’s listening to him because he’s worth it worth every penny. Thank you.

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