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Attention: You don’t have to live with constant shoulder pain!

Find out how Dr. Alkhoury’s sleep oral appliance therapy helped this woman. She experienced a daily deep ache between her shoulder blades and tension headaches. Chiropractic treatment never solved the issue. Almost immediately after beginning treatment with us, she had her pain disappear and never return! Find your solution, call us today.

When you came to my practice what were your symptoms? My biggest problems were an ache between my shoulder blades, Tension headaches all the time and Horrible time sleeping at night. Staying asleep at night. So tell me when we started that treatment, give you the orthotic. How did you feel on how things are working? Almost immediately I I didn’t feel any pain between the shoulder blades and it’s never going back again and it was just an everyday problem before I was always trying To solve, it never occurred and starting from my mouth. So what were you doing before that treatment when You were having shoulder pain. When did you see A chiropractor? I had in the past chiropractor for me worked while you’re there for. A few minutes afterwards and their pain Would always come back I ended up I thought it Was a problem that I’ve read About before where women. Get it from carrying their purses too heavy so. I switched the solid purse I carried and it never gotten better. So now looking back 10. 12 weeks since we start that treatment with the orthotic, Daytime and night-time How you I feel? I feel Really good. As soon as I gotused to the period of adjustment of having something in my mouth at night adapted just fine, Now I’m excited because I’ll wake up sometimes and feel it in my mouth and realize how much it’s Helping instead of doing any Bad things and I realize how much it’s it’s absorbing a pressure in my mouth. It’s like a shock absorber. Are you happy So far, with the result that treatment? Very much so.  Were we able to address and relieve all those symptoms? Absolutely. I’m so excited not to have constant shoulder pain, but I just went to live with that thought that was the norm. Sothe acheand the pan is simply going away? Completely 100 percent, excellent, Thank you.

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