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Patients find us all sorts of ways, including family recommendations. One patient found us that way and ended a 30 year fight with TMD jaw pain. We also helped her find her dreams again! Moderate sleep apnea kept her from REM sleep. Dr. Alkhoury provided an oral sleep appliance and she wakes up refreshed every morning.

I’m really glad I found Doctor Alkhoury. Thanks to my daughter who had major problems or jaw locked I was recommended he was recommended to me and I feel so much better. I came because for 30 years or over I had TMJ and I had kind of learn to live with it because I’d gone to a couple of Dentists and it just happened helped.So, I thought Oh well and, Doctor Alkhoury has done some different things and they’ve really worked and I don’t have any clicking anymore. My jaw does not get tired. I it’s not sore. I can open my mouth better and I just feel really good and I’m very hopeful that when I wean off the appliances for the TMJ that it’s all fixed and if not, I have complete faith that he’s going to give me the second stage and it’s going to work. Going to be very thrilled, and the other reason that I came to Doctor Alkhoury. Is because. I was diagnosed with moderate sleep Apnea and learned much, to my dismay, that the reason didn’t dream ever is because I never went in rem, and apparently, I was holding my breath and not getting any air and waking up and 30 times a night and I wasn’t sleeping and. Therefore, I was very tired and what they wanted me to do was use a CPAP machine. And so I tried the CPAP machine and Oh my gosh, it was just, It was something that I couldn’t see myself using every night and I wanted to do something that would fit into my lifestyle that I could take with me and so I worked with Doctor Alkhoury and he made an appliance to fit my mouth, and I am very happy with and I’m not sleepy. I’m dreaming and I haven’t ever had dreams, so I’m very thrilled and looking forward to finding out. Do more testing how well it’s worked, but I just feel so much better. So, I would recommend at least giving doctor, Doctor Alkhoury try because it’s very frustrating to go to all these different people and just give up. Okay that’s it.

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