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Great nights of sleep can change your life!

Dr. Alkhoury discusses treatment with a patient. He was struggling with sleep issues for years. He’d wake up around ten times a night and spend his days feeling like a robot. He also was in constant shoulder, back and neck pain. Other doctors attempted treatment with medication. He lives a well rested, motivated and pain free life now.

So tell me about your symptoms when you came in when you came to my practice and you were looking for a treatment, tell me briefly about your symptoms. What were they? Ah the symptoms. From sleep just. Sleeping I wake up. Up to the 10 times or so. 10 times a night? Yeah, wow. In a five- or six-hours sleeping period. How were you in the morning when you wake up?Just the robot, just a functioning robot. Not feeling refreshed? I’m not feeling refreshed. I think that made a lot of tension in the neck in the back upper back.So you having back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain?A lot of neck and shoulder pain. I thought it was directly going to resort to surgery. Did you seek any treatment for that? Did you see any doctors and physicians? I’ve gone to different doctors for different things. The pain in the back. Were they were. they able to help you? No, they pinpoint the problem, and that’s about it. I’ve been told, you know, that’s it. That’s permanent damage. Deal with it. That’s life is getting older. Wow, that’s yeah. Things like that. Some samples of these pails. If these don’t work, here’s another spinus samples. You know where they go to the hard stuff, and I don’t want to be able just. So how long have you been dealing with those symptoms?That it has been years actually. Like 5 years 10 years? Ah at least. Five? Five, ten wow. With this bad sleep so. Tell me about the treatment when you start the treatment here. How did it go in terms of who’s, we will talk about the sleep first and then the daytime,the symptoms? I, I, thought you were skeptical at the beginning. I thought This will, if it realigns my jaw, so that I don’t, it doesn’t. Zip lock open when I yawn, periodically then it would that would. Be kind of rapid in itself. Just that was gets kind of weird, but,So, how I didn’t think it would affect the pain. Okay, not the pain. Muscles the way my muscles would get with nodules. I guess we call them, but yeah, it’s like just like a hot cold that would show up and over here and over there. So where does it hurt? Well right now or you know tomorrow or yesterday it’s all over. So, tell me what the treatment did for you in terms of sleep?We talk about the sleep.When we started that to sleep therapy for that was, that was after we diagnosed the problem.That was the first night. I was convinced on the sleep part of it the first night. So, you felt like it. Slept, the first night. Since I think I got up once wow. So how, how is it? It’s almost over. How is it now, like three months later? This it’s more bright. Everything are, more a lot more bright. I’m awake I could tell that.You’re not falling asleep anymore. Yeah, out with during the day behind the wheel kind of thing. Those little things. You sleeping throughout the night? Yes, you feel energetic? I can tell the difference, yeah, you happy with that sleep? I get up really early in the morning, so it’s kind of a grumpy period, anyway, but I can tell I’m quicker, faster. Yeah, when I wake up, you know. So happy with that sleep part the game restful night? Yes,100 percent.That’s good, how about that neck shoulder? Yeah, the pain. I’m facing you this way, usually I just keep my head. I remember how we were stiff before and I think I would even had, a shoulder hanging. So those knobs actually did the trigger point injections and everything with the laser? Yeah, I wasn’t convinced on that one either. Yeah, and how about now?Yeah, now it’s amazing how it’s still yeah. It’s not there, it’s still gone and I can move my permanent, so it’s not something like you have to live with orpermanent because you’re old. Now we can fix this like something that we can’t help. That’s what it seems to be, yeah? Well, life that’s when pain stops, I guess, right perfect. So, are you happy overall with this? Yeah,it’s also giving me a to drive to stay hydrated that I know I don’t do, and especially like my work field, Where I’m always moving and sweating it out. I could tell the water is making a difference, you Know I know when I’m starting to get to hydrated now and you know you’re trying to stay on that diet? Yeah,the diet I’m trying to better. So overall, looking back from the base point, when we started and now. Day and night. Day and night. Yeah, excellent, I was surprised at how well everything kind of did fall in line come together. Very good, you happy, happy, yeah excellent thanks.

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