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Claim your life back from chronic migraines. There is hope!

Our patient, Emily, started treatment with us twelve weeks ago. She was experiencing chronic migraines and constant and intense jaw pain. A great night’s sleep was impossible, she felt completely drained all the time. After twelve weeks of treatment, her pain is minimal and her sleep is so much better.

Hi my name is Emily Harris and I started the treatment 12 weeks ago with Doctor Alkuary because I was in severe pain. I was having chronic migraines where they would put me in bed for days and I would just cry because the pain was so bad.On top of that, I would just have intense jaw pain and neck pain and headaches that I would have to live with, which made me completely drained all the time and made it really hard to go to school and it was just really draining, so came to doctor Alkuary, and it’s been 12 weeks. I’m just starting to wean off and I feel completely different and I’m sleeping so much better which that in itself has made me feel like a new person. I’ve only had one migraine this whole time, which is pretty incredible. My neck pain and my jaw pain are so minimal,I’ll get a headache, some pain maybe once a week, but I know it’s probably because of how I’m sitting or just lifestyle right now, so I have a lot more hope which is really exciting and so I’m really thankful for this practice and everything they’ve done for me and I’m excited that l kind of got my life back. So, thank you Doctor Alkuary and team.

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