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Not afraid to sleep anymore!

Denise suffered from breathing difficulties and choking during sleep, facial pain and clenching of teeth for years. It had become so serious that she was afraid of sleeping, thinking that she would suffocate during sleep. She had already seen many doctors without success, when she read about Dr. Alkhoury on the Web.

After seeing him, she’s been sleeping and resting well, and her TMJ and facial pain have subsided. She feels great. She is not afraid to sleep anymore; and feels safe and much better.

Denise, tell me about your story, how you found us?What were your symptoms and, and, tell me, tell me about your story? Well hello, I’m Denise. I came to Doctor Alkoury because I couldn’t breathe. I was choking in my sleep, waking up not able to breathe and was even happening to me during the day. I’ve clenched my teeth in my whole life and I’vebeen telling doctors and dentists thatI had this problem. No one was able to help me. Doctors told me I need to see a dentist. Dentist told me I need to see a doctor. I even went to Stanford, so several different doctors there who basically told me that it was all in my head and. Stanford doctors? Yes, and since. When, when, was when was that? This was in right before I came to see you so April of 2018-2019. And what did you tell Stanford doctors? About my I you know the clenching of the teeth, and that I mean at the point when I came to see you, I was afraid to go to sleep because I was afraid I was going to suffocate in my sleep. That’s how bad it was and I couldn’t get any any help. They told me I needed, you know, physical therapy, but no help with any sort of appliance or any sort. Did they do at least a sleep study for you? No. No.Also, in Stanford I went to an ENT specialist who couldn’t seem to find any reason why I would be choking and, and, did a series of allergy tests and then just kind of shrugged his shoulders and sent me on my way.So, how did you?Since I’vemet you, I’vebeen able to sleep. How did you find this first? Searching the Internet for TMJ specialists, which is as, as, I was saying is something that seems to be mysterious and very hard for people that suffer from what you know the way I do from TMJ Sleep Apnea. To find someone that can help them and since i’vecome here. I started sleeping and feeling rested. I feel 10 years younger. I’m not afraid then. How about you? How about your pain?The pain it also is you know, not constantly having facial pain, jaw pain and pain headaches. So, are you happy you’re feeling better now? I feel great. I feel great I. Feel safe now and go sleeping and rested and. How about your mood? The Do you feel like you’re in a better. Mood you have more energy? Absolutely.Well, I feel like I’m actually getting sleep and I literally used to cry before going to sleep because I was afraid, so afraid of what was going to happen while I was asleep. So you, can you recommend TMJ sleep therapycentre?Absolutely. Thank you so much awesome, thank you.

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