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Dr. Alkhoury provides immediate assistance for your worst jaw problems!

One Saturday morning Rabi Dovbe was unable to open his mouth. He was unable to eat. That night, he found Dr. Alkhoury and called. We were able to diagnose a slipped disc between his jaw bones and begin treatment. A year later and he now lives pain free and his jaw is back to normal!

Hi, my name is Barbara Quartz. I’m a rabbi of the kebab of Contra Costa and the delta. It was a little over a year ago. I caught up on a Saturday morning and I was basically unable to open my mouth which caused a very big problem for me. I wasn’t able to eat properly and Saturday night I contact Doctor, Alkoury and he told me come in first thing Monday morning. I came in and disc between the jawbones had slipped and I had a limited opening of 24 millimeters. He started treatment, got new appliances and then we went for a series of different injections and the jaw in the mouth outside the mouth from the neck and it’s now a year. I have an opening of 62 millimeters. Everything is back to normal. I do not have any pain which I had when those things began, I’m back to normal and this wouldn’t be possible without Doctor Alkoury and his treatment and I’ll forever be indebted to him for that.

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