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Judy lived with shoulder and neck pain for five years. She saw family physicians, chiropractors, orthopaedic doctors, neurologists. None gave her solutions that worked. After a course of TMJ treatment with us, her pain is gone. Months later, she still enjoys the relief of being able to do her job pain-free.

All right, Judy. So when he came into my practice, what were your symptoms? What’s the baseline symptoms that drove you to my practice? I was having a lot of pain in the C 345 area. I had seen something like a Doctor I had seen a neurologist. I saw chiropractor. I mean just about Everyone, and I got different answers from everybody, mostly said, oh, it’s you know, it’s arthritis, it’s whatever but I couldn’t sleep nights and I’d be up every two or three hours, so it’s really going without asleep and I had a lot of trouble and I couldn’t get on the computer because I would have a sharp pain in the back but like a hot iron in the scapular area on the right side and I didn’t think it could possibly be related to TMJ because I’ve never had any jaw pain or anything like that, but we tried everything else and I couldn’t stay on the pain any longer. So, we decided to try it and started feeling relief within the first month within the first week. So, you so we started a three-month treatment, Right, into 12 weeks? And how did you feel after that during that and after? Well during the pain just less and less within a week, I had no pain at all in the scapula area. I could be on the computer for 10 or 12 hours, which my work as a social worker required. And now I can press very hard on that C 345 area and there’s no pain at all. So now it’s been like it’s been about two months after that finishing the treatment, how your symptoms, any symptoms? Yes, yes rarely ever any. No, no my neck shoulder pain? Have a little shoulder, but that’s the healing from the shoulder surgery I had and that was from bone screws. How is, are you sleeping better at night? Actually,I sleep 8 to 10 hours, Wow, no problem. If I wake up to go to the bathroom I go right back to sleep. Are you happy with both? Oh, much better. I’m rested now and but the wonderful thing is being able to get on the computer do my job and I don’t have that sharp red-hot iron in the back of the scapula. I don’t have this tenderness in the How long did you have those symptoms before I start? 45 years. So,you’ve been having those Symptoms for 45 years?  For a long time. And nobody was able to help You? Nobody. And you feel now, we helped you? Oh yeah. It’s gone its gone. Thank you too.

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