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Derek’s Testimonial

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that can be potentially serious. Your breathing will repeatedly stop and start and if you snore loudly or experience fatigue even after a full night’s sleep you might be affected by sleep apnea. Listen to one of our patients as he and his mother share their story on how they were provided treatment without the need for extraction of teeth.

*Patient full consent to show the case of her son is enforced and results may vary!

My name is Derek and I originally had sleep Apnea, so after a talk with many doctors, we didn’t have a lot of options because they all wanted to pull my teeth and my parents and I were against that. So we came to Doctor Alkoury and over the two years we were here, he fixed my teeth and also fixed my sleep Apnea.So, Yeah he yeah. He had a pretty very crowded teeth and sleep Apnea. We’ve looked, we’ve been visiting different dentists before. But all the dentists, pretty much most of them suggest us to do extracting some teeth and also do some kind of surgery to fix his sleepApnea and we found that it got recommended from another dentist or the dentist actually in Australia to Doctor Alkoury and decide brought him here. So it’s been two years, so now you know, look at look at his teeth smile you know, nice and shiny and then his sleep Apnea is also gone, and we’ll are very happy about this. So, we feel very grateful about having this treatment from Doctor Alkoury and the group, so thank you.

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