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TMJ strikes patients of all ages. Dr. Alkhoury can help.

TMJ can strike at any age. Chan is 24 years old and lived with severe pain in her jaw and jaw locking issues. She attempted seeing several doctors, but none could help her. After finding Dr. Alkhoury, she received treatment that actually worked. She reports a 90% improvement in her pain and locking issues.

Hey, my name is Chen Fu and I’m, I’m, 24 years old. First step in I, I, get a like very severe pain in my joints and also have some like joint locking problems. I tried several doctors before, but it does not help. But Here, like TMD, they give us give me a lot of advice and a lot of very good treatment and now I feel like much better and I think it improves about like 90 percent of my jaw pain and my joint locking. So I really appreciate all the help here in TMJ.

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